The caravan is a non-for-profit awareness raising event. It symbolizes the call of Lao elephants for help.

For this call to resound high and loud and the project’s community to grow bigger, you can become the Caravan’s Ambassador by sharing this website and our facebook & twitter pages with your friends & community.


> Partnership: Establish a communication partnership with the Elephant Caravan to increase awareness of the project and relay the information to your audience. TV, Press, Radio & Internet coverage of the event will offer our partners with a strong media exposure. Contact us to learn more about

> In kind contribution: You can support the project by offering goods or services that will support the implementation of the Elephant Caravan. These gifts can be used as ‘rewards’ in the framework of our crowdfunding campaign. Example of possible contributions: camping gear; tour packages; air tickets…

> In-Cash Sponsoring: Foundations, NGOs and businesses can support the caravan by donating cash to fund the project and support the conservation of Asian elephants in Laos. Download our sponsoring rate card.

The detailed budget of the Elephant Caravan is available here.