A Unique Arts Adventure

Over the course of a month and a half, the elephant caravan will walk 630km… The caravan will be accompanied by theatrical and musical performers as well as educational staff, making it a kind of multi-cultural roadshow. As the caravan stops in each village, there will be daily public performances to entertain, engage and educate local residents and particularly children about elephant conservation.

Khao Niew theatre group was established in Vientiane in 2008, pioneering in theater creation in Laos. Directed by Lattanakone Insisiengmay, Khao Niew’s group has broadened its horizons over the years by working on collaborative cultural and art programmes with both local and international artists. During the Elephant Caravan, Khao Niew will invite international performers and musicians to join them for the production of an exclusive artistic creation.

In Luang Prabang, the caravan will join the celebrations for the World Heritage anniversary. Twenty elephants will enter a majestic procession into the ancient city amidst the installations and performances of Lao and international artists.

A light, fire & sound performance uniquely designed to celebrate the city’s cultural landmarks and the elephant procession will mark the anniversary of the cultural capital of Laos.

Pyro’Zié are creative and innovative ‘masters of fire’; specialists of monumental fire installations. The scenography and unique poetry of their shows – often described as ‘fire operas’ – convey a profound vision of the chosen natural landscape, giving a new life to urban and rural areas, fascinating the public and sublimating the environment.Their show will be presented along main city’s avenues and rivers to celebrate the cultural riches and the beauty of Luang Prabang World Heritage City.

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