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Xayaboury is home to the largest Asian elephant population in Laos, therefore making the province a key reservoir for this endangered species. The province is home to three quarters of elephants in Laos, wild and domestic. We will travel through the land of origin of pachyderms to meet the last master trainers, young mahouts heirs of the burden to perpetuate the species, Buddhist monks who still revere the elephant as the incarnation of an enlightened being …

The Caravan will lead us in this “culture of the elephant” in Lao forests perpetuated by men and women of Xayabury. We will leave Paklay District, south of the province and then walk north via Thongmixay, Nam Phouy Protected Area, Phiang, Xayabury, Saysetthan and Hongsa districts to reach the outskirts of Luang Prabang, the wonderful city on the Mekong and former Royal Capital of the Land of a Million Elephants.



27 Oct. 2015: Departure from Paklay – 3 elephants

01 Nov. 2015: Thongmixay – 6 elephants

09 Nov. 2015: Phiang / Xayaboury – 9 elephants

25 Nov. 2015: Hongsa -12 elephants

06 Dec. 2015: Luang Prabang – 20 elephants

08-09 Dec. 2015: 2 day Show, Elephant Baci, Elephant Procession, fireworks, performances